by AlpnA

A World Without Boundaries


BrahmaYoga was founded by Alpna to:

  • Guide individuals on the path of realising their soul and discovering their true purpose
  • Help students become calm, happy and focused individuals capable of completing their life goals
  • Create a peaceful and benevolent world where all of humanity is one with the universe


We practice Ashtanga Yoga as it was originally chronicled in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras which prescribes the practice of mental disciplines, emotional awareness, physical postures that help activate the seven energy vortexes (chakras ) in our body and meditation.

At Brahma Yoga, the practice of Asthanga Yoga has been converted into a simple and easy to follow curriculum. Practicing this curriculum will help you become aware of your emotions, thoughts and intentions, which in turn will resolve all of life’s problems. It will reintroduce you to your body and soul, and connect you to a higher consciousness; eventually leading you to self-realization of the soul and everlasting happiness.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the law of attraction, which states “like energy attracts like energy”: we attract what we think. Our thoughts and beliefs manifest in our lives. However, mere positive thinking does not always yield results because often, our conscious and subconscious thoughts are not aligned. In Brahma Yoga by Alpna, we become aware of both our subconscious and conscious thoughts, intentions and actions and guide them in a positive direction to get the desired results. Thus, we can rise above our circumstances and live life the way we want.

"Over the years so many people have come to understand Science and God as two different things. It is generally believed the two are incompatible being diametrically opposite to each other. But for me God is Science. Science is the only Truth in this universe because the rules of science are unchangeable, irrespective of time, age, era, caste, creed, race or religion. There is no place for unexplainable ’miracles’ in science. Similarly in my perspective of God there is no scope of ‘miracles’ in this spiritual journey of yoga and meditation. Whatever I teach is based on science and anyone can follow and apply these learnings in their day to day lives. To elaborate the point a little further, we study nature and the laws of this universe through Science. We also say that this Universe is created by God. Even the most brilliant scientific minds are awestruck by the complexities that exist in nature and reluctantly acknowledge an “intelligent-design” behind it. How then can one imagine that an entity that has so scientifically and precisely created this vast universe would respond to some unreasonable rules and rituals made by limited human minds. What we teach here are rules and formulas based on the laws of nature, laws which are universal, scientific and thus Godly." - Alpna Bharati